Team Skyfire acquires Ninja Esports

Fri 7th Jul 2017 - 8:36am : General : Gaming

Team Skyfire acquires Ninja Esports


Today marks the day that two Oceanic Esport organisations band together to form one organisation. After long discussions; owners of Ninja (“vizzN” and “Roger Purple) and the owner of Team Skyfire (“Roman”) have come to the conclusion that to survive in the Oceanic Esport community you need strong leadership and financial to compete at the highest of levels against this region's top tier organisations.


Ninja Esports has a short history inside the Oceanic scene, but has built up some very surprisingly competitive teams such as “Team Atoll” for their SMITE Roster, who competed in the CyberGamer Challengers Cup, placing second. From there they then bursted into the CGPL scene, going up against big names such as “LG Dire Wolves”, “Dark Sided” and “Avant Garde”; beating Avant Garde 2-1. Within Ninja Esports short history, they have also helped teams inside the Rainbow Six Seige scene make a name for themselves and also bringing on board multiple CS:GO Teams; Currently having a cheerful bunch of lads compete in the CGa Ladder as an Academy team.


All in all, this merge means that Team Skyfire now has a competitive team competing in the CGPL and possibly entering into the Smite OPL Ladder, depending on their performance in the up and coming gauntlet. Ninja will also be bringing with them an Academy CSGO Team that will be competing in the CGa, with coaching and help from some of the more higher tier players to help them strive and succeed in such a fast growing scene. On top of what Ninja has to offer team-wise, we as Team Skyfire will also be bringing on board four more owners to help not only financially, but also to help manage the teams and get them to the top of their competitive levels.


Below lists the roster of which Team Skyfire will be acquiring as of the 7/07/2017.



Roger Purple

Sam I Am




Trilogy [C]






CSGO (Academy)

Remii [C]






We sat down with one of our new owners “Roger Purple” and asked him what his thoughts on the merger were and where his thoughts stand with the growing Oceanic Esport scene. This is what he had to say:

“This merger is exciting, not only for us… but also the scene itself. Two organisations that have made names for themselves from two completely different platforms and banding together as one to make a powerhouse faction. My thoughts on the Oceanic Esport scene itself are huge, but to narrow it down; I’d have to say that when I first was introduced to the scene, it was dead. But then to see the progress of where some of the organisations have come too, is astonishing. Such as Legacy Esports being picked up by a sporting club is huge!”


We then sat down with “vizzN” who was previously a Co-Owner alongside Roger and asked him where he came from and what his ambitions are for Team Skyfire. This is what he has to say:

“I started Esports in 2007 from a little place called , the majority of my experience comes from CyberGamer; where my 8+ years there were filled with shout casting, competitive gaming and staff member roles. My ambitions for Team Skyfire would be giving the players we take on, a surreal competitive experience and to see teams from Team Skyfire go to multiple events to compete at a high class level in not only the ANZ Scene, but also in the international scene. The growth of eSports is something I care strongly about, I will endeavour to make the strongest contribution I can for the scene.”


After talking with the previous owners of Ninja Esports, we sat down with Roman and asked him what is thoughts on the merge are. He said this:

“I came to Ninja Esports because I see the potential in the current owners and I also believe that if we have the same intentions and ambitions as each other, then banding together to form one powerhouse organisation… is the perfect move to help grow the current Oceanic scene. I’m excited to see where we can get to now that Team Skyfire has multiple different teams on multiple different platforms and can’t wait to see the up and coming progress of Team Skyfire with all the new helping hands.”


On top of what is listed above, we believe that insight on what will be happening over the next few days in Team Skyfire is a must. Our new owners have been working hard, alongside Roman to pick up some high tier teams in some more professional games around Oceania, these include Rocket League and Rainbow Six Siege. More information on progress will come within the next few days, so please stay tuned on our main Twitter. (@TeamSKF)


Welcome Ninja Esports to Team Skyfire.

- Team Skyfire Management.



Ben Scott

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