Team Skyfire acquires DOTA 2 roster "Team Nation"

Sun 8th Jan 2017 - 6:38am : General : Gaming

Team Skyfire acquire DOTA 2 team.

Today Team Skyfire welcomes their newest team acquisition. Previously known as Team Nation, the roster has since been making an impact in the DOTA 2 Region and will hopefully continue to do so under the wings of the Team Skyfire organisation.


During this acquisition Skyfire caught up with Kadir 'EK' Akbulut to understand their aspirations, what consists inside a successful squad and how the player’s background affect their performance in competitive DOTA:


“The team has been playing DOTA for as long as we can remember, and to us this game is a way of life. We've sacrificed and dedicated everything for it, and we hope to someday make a living off it while living our dream which is competing professionally.

I believe this roster is by far the strongest I have been in and believe we will make a strong influence in the competitive scene with our intricate and diverse play style.

We have kh5am on pos 4, who I think is by far the most humble player in the region and safe to say the best pudge player in Oceania. Most people would think his hero pool is very limited, I think it'll be his time to prove otherwise.

Some say strong friendships always start with fights, me and 425 have been beefing a lot back in the day, but time heals itself and things change, I noticed the potential in 425 so soon as the moment presented itself we crushed the beef and became mates. We are very alike :D, only difference is, he's a incredibly talented support player.

My boy jandals! Synergy and play style with my core player is onpoint. We are in sync with each other's play style and we just clicked (no homo), something that is really rare to find now days.

RaiN, my home boy since day one. We played professionally since day one in the days of MEKA.Tt 7-8 years ago, we have very deep history with eachother, our bond became blood. He's an all round player, but definitely one of the most fierce offlaners today. He's capable of mastering anything that he puts his mind to in a very short time frame which leads me to say that he's of them players that are just naturally gifted.”

The Skyfire DOTA 2 roster is as follows:

Rhys 'jandals' Kennedy-Holtz (Carry) position 1
Kadir 'EK' Akbulut (Middle) position  2
Ryan 'RaiN' Paul (Offlane) position 3
Sambath 'kh5am' Bun (Farming support) position 4
Jason '425' Sacco (Hard support) position 5


Be sure to stay up to date with all of our players social media as well as @TeamSKF on twitter where we will keep our fans up to date with all our roster’s results and news.






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