Team Skyfire vs Parallax Recap

Thu 1st Sep 2016 - 7:51am : General : Gaming

Team Skyfire took on Parallax in the season's second week match in the ESL AU & NZ Championship Season 2 League.


The second week of the ESL AU & NZ Championship Season 2 Pro League for Skyfire started off on Cobblestone with a disappointing 16-5 loss. Where it went wrong for Skyfire was when they took a 11-4 deficit onto the T side where Parallax had fragging capabilities that outmatched their opponents on the CT-side. This proved to be troubling for the Skyfire squad as they were not able to gain any momentum after the initial 4 rounds they gained from the 9th round all the way up to the 12th round. The only player on Skyfire who was somewhat close to the fragging ability of Hatz(23) and Raz(21) from the Parallax squad was Kaotik with a total of 18 frags.

The second match of week 2 of the ESL AU & NZ Championship Season 2 Pro League was on the map Overpass which notably has their worst W/L ratio out of all maps they have played with a 1/0/2 ratio. Despite that fact, they showed promise in some areas of the map by totalling 11 rounds against Parallax who is that has a 66.7% win ratio on the map. Skyfire started off losing the pistol round and the following two rounds afterwards but managed to bounce back getting their fourth round with a bomb defusal, but sadly this did not follow with promise until 6 rounds later when they gained their second round of the match succeeded by four more rounds to end the half at 6:9 to Parallax with momentum in their favour. Despite this momentum boost, they were not able to continue with this momentum and grab the pistol round due to a bomb defusal by Parallax. This pistol round win was again followed by 2 more consecutive rounds from the Parallax boys but was soon followed again with a fourth round victory from Skyfire that translated into another round win following the fourth round victory. But this proved to be useless as the teams could not keep the momentum on why side of the table with the end score being 16:11 towards the Parallax squad.


After the match we spoke to Will "Animus" Turner and he had to say this about the match "If I'm gonna lose a comp match, let it be to @parallaxCS. I'd rather go down to a well practiced, smart, and disciplined team anyday."


With next week's matches, i'm sure Team Skyfire will be eager to get their third victory and possible fourth in the ESL AU & NZ Championship Season 2 Pro League against Athletico to make them 3-2.  







Aidan Young

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