Team Skyfire vs Chiefs ESC Recap

Wed 24th Aug 2016 - 4:43am : Gaming

Team Skyfire took on Chiefs ESC in there season opening match in the ESL AU & NZ Championship Season 2 Opener.

Map 1 on Mirage, Team Skyfire took control of map one by blasting out of the gates taking a convincing half time lead over chiefs, with a solid team performance they comfortably closed out the first map 16 - 9.

Map 2 on Cobblestone, Chiefs took out a early 7 - 2 lead, which sparked Skyfire to bounce back and string a number of rounds together to end the half at 9 - 6 in Chiefs favor. With a strong performance from Kaotik bringing them right back into the match, scores were tied at 9 - 9 with Steve- left in a 1v3 and clutches up to swing the momentum right into Skyfire's favor.

With the momentum and the entire team playing well Skyfire closed out the Second map 16 - 12 on Cobblestone pulling off a upset victory over the newly picked up team formally know as " ASDF " Chiefs ESC.

Team Skyfire CSGO looks to continue their form coming into there Second match next week.




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