Team Skyfire enters Starcraft II

Sun 2nd Jul 2017 - 12:00pm : Gaming

Team Skyfire is excited to announce a new chapter as we enter into the StarCraft II community and we are pleased to welcome Protoss player Jamie “Ice” Beresford to our family.

Jamie has proven to be one of the hardest working StarCraft players in the region, whilst he hasn't had a big performance yet with his unyielding determination to become one of the best in the region and we believe that Ice will be at the top in the near future.

Ice has been in the Starcraft II scene for close to three years as both a player and manager, so we asked a couple of major influences in the community about his StarCraft career.  

INSANO, Manager of SYF Gaming-

Ice is an absolute genuine bloke who is always working hard to get himself over that edge. Jamie always wants to compete against the best no matter the skill gap to better himself as a player. Outside of the game, Jamie is quite selfless which makes him one of the best personalities of the scene.” 

Eddie, OSC Executive Director-

“It's great to see Ice find a new team so quickly! At his best, he's one of the hardest working and most active players in the ANZ region! (He competed in 109 OSC Tournaments in 2016, and holds a position in the OSC Hall of Fame for doing so! ).
Ice's continued drive to improve his play, combined with impressive tournament activity should see him be a valuable asset to his new organisation. I look forward to seeing a reinvigorated Ice in the second half of 2017 (and beyond), and expect we'll see a breakout performance from him under the Team Skyfire banner in the near future!”

Jamie had this to say about joining Team Skyfire on their new journey into the StarCraft community.   

I’m excited to be on board with a new team in the scene. I love Skyfire's brand and I am keen to bring that brand into the best community in esports. I hope I can repay the faith that Skyfire is putting in me and I hope I can bring good performances for myself and my new team. #BringTheFire

Ice will be debuting for Skyfire in the WCS Qualifiers on the 5th of August.


Visit Ice here:




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