Apathetic joins Skyfire Overwatch!

Thu 1st Dec 2016 - 5:56am : Gaming : General

Team Skyfire wishes to announce the addition of Stephen “Apathetic” Cammiade to our Overwatch starting roster. Cammiade played for the squad in a close semi-final loss to JAM Gaming in the CyberGamer Overwatch Weekly Cup and will be filling the vacant hitscan role left by the outgoing Charlie “Soundwaves” Miller. We’d like to thank Miller for his time with the team and wish him the best for the future.


Upon joining the team, Apathetic spoke to us about recent results and the future:
“I trialled for Skyfire for a week. All the boys are super chill and just want to focus on improving. It’s a great feeling stepping into a team that already has 5 players that synergise well with each other. After drawing vs JAM on Hanamura and just falling short on Lijiang Tower, I think, with some time and practice, we have the dedication and willingness to improve and close the gap between us and the top two teams.”

Team captain Alexander “Render” Donevski had this to say about the signing:
“We are very happy with our pickup of apathetic. We are confident that he will play well with the team and help us move towards gaining that Number 1 spot.”

We at Skyfire are very excited to see apathetic and the lineup in action and look forward to watching them develop.





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